Lisa D-The Facets Coach~I help women release anger, frustration, & reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms so they can live with balance, joy, freedom, fun & deep forgiveness for past choices. 

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Meet Lisa Drennon | Energetic Mindset Mentor


My 16-year old brain couldn't wrap its mind around the fact that I was pregnant, again. Facing abortion once stole my identity, but twice❓❗  who was that naive❗ Lost, hopeless, numb to my situation, caught in turmoil, struggling with loss and grief fighting lies that tried to convince me my babies were a blob of tissue with no feelings, I went to a deep-dark place of unforgiveness. An emotional rollercoaster that led me to unhealthy coping mechanisms and stayed stuck for over three decades. 


Traditional counseling, books, classes didn't make much of a difference. When I connected with a coach, my daily healing journey began. My life, my mind finally received the keys to catapult my life and 10x my transformation. 

From releasing shame & guilt, and unforgiveness to finding balance,  freedom, fun, joy, and deep forgiveness for my past propelled me to serve others. Implementing a modality customized to me and adding a coach for accountability transformed my life, I knew I had to pay it forward so I became a certified Oola Life Coach and a certified Aromatherapy Practitioner. 

Using a unique modality to SOAR (Seeking Our Authentic Route) to reach our highest potential, I created a signature program that is filled with the keys to find your purpose-driven life. We are all designed by GOD for greatness & a purpose. Focusing on our pain doesn't allow us to purse our purpose. Are you ready to SOAR?

One of the ways I SOARed was becoming a self-published author. Before I implemented SOAR, I was full of fear, shame, guilt-self-sabotage ruled my thoughts. As Scripture says, all things are possible with God (see Matthew 19:26). What I thought impossible GOD made possible, all because I finally listened to HIM and not the world.   Grab your copy of my first book, Forgiving the Girl Inside: finding balance, freedom & fun in your life, all proceeds go to  CompassCare. 

Ready to SOAR to Your Highest Potential? Ready to let go & let GOD be your CEO, CFO, CAO...

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