Christian Female Entrepreneurs...

What's Your Servant Heart Personality?

Discover your unique servant-heart personality, and learn how to authentically align with your heart & mind to connect with your soulmate client!



Hi there!
I am Lisa, your Energetic Mindset Mentor Business Strategist. 

I am the author of Forgiving the Girl Inside: finding balance, freedom & fun in your life and host the podcast: Forgiving the Girl Inside: A Matter of the Heart.


I'm an Upstate New Yorker who loves the beach, waterfalls, hiking, and biking. Summer is my favorite season and I love sunflowers and chocolate. 

My husband and I have 3 beautiful adult children, a cute little furbaby, and a beautiful granddaughter. 

In August of 2020, I became a Certified Oola Life Coach & Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner, both radically transformed my mindset & for the first time, I discovered my authentic purpose-driven life. In a matter of weeks I soared to my highest potential. I worked through fear, shame & guilt and found my true passion. This transformational experience set a fire in my heart to help others soar to their highest potential.

I know how challenging it is to be stuck in imposture syndrome, self-sabotage & fear. And that's why I teach the perfect strategy to connect your heart & mind.  

Mindset is the crux of all we do-when you stop compromising your thoughts, you authentically connect with your mission & serve your soulmate client so you can scale to six-figures.

Ready to pave the road to become the six-figure entrepreneur you dream of?

I'm all about strategically connecting Scripture with optimizing your talents to authentically connect with your clients & build a rock-solid foundation so you can scale to six-figures. It's all a matter of the heart.